Monday, April 8, 2013

Music Monday

Happy Monday!  You know, when April started a week ago, I had illusions of grandeur about how much I was going to get done this month, and I was finally going to be really prepared for all my finals and I was not going to be stressed!  That, of course, is not my style.  I am a massive procrastinator, and one week in I am already stressing about how little I've done and how much I still have to do!  Oh, jeez.  At least this is (hopefully) the last time I will be putting myself through this school stress.  In one month, I will be graduating from law school!

For today's Music Monday, I bring you the greatness that is Ben Gibbard.  I'm sure you've heard some of his stuff with Death Cab for Cutie, but he also had a lesser known band called The Postal Service.  Both are wonderful in their own rite, so I decided to provide you with both today.

Grapevine Fires was written about the terrible fires that so much of California experienced a few years back.  I think the song is so beautiful with the message that it portrays as well as the tune it carries.  There is beauty in everything, if only we look for it.


  1. Hey hun, thanks for your lovely comment! Cant say Ive heard either of these songs but I shall go have a listen hehe. Hope to see you again soon xx

    1. Death Cab for Cutie is one of my favorite relaxing bands. I hope you enjoy them!