Wednesday, April 3, 2013

List a Week No. 5

As you know, I'm participating in Moorea Seal's project 52 Lists.  Obviously I am a few weeks behind, but I'm slowly but surely catching up!  I think List 13 came out today.  So you'll be seeing quite a few in the next week or so, then it will be once a week, I promise!

Week 5 was List What You Are Grateful For.  This one was a little difficult for me.  Not that I'm not grateful for things (I most certainly am!), but just putting them all into words.  My dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was quite young, and so I grew up knowing that you should never take anything for granted.  That mindset is something I will always have, and I try to be grateful for both the little and big things in life.  Writing this list made me aware of many little things that I don't take for granted, but don't think about everyday.  It was quite rewarding!

You can see the rest of my lists here.


  1. What a wonderful series and great idea! I can see this being a nice stress reliever as well. Sometimes it's simply taking the time to do something like this that makes all the difference. Adore your handwriting too, btw! :)

    brandy j |

    1. Oh thank you! What a sweet thing to say! I really look forward to doing these lists. It's so fun and it brings to mind things I don't think about all the time.