Sunday, October 9, 2011

Peter's Last Night in Town

Sadly, Peter had to head back to Chile, but he had a bunch of us over for one last hurrah before he left. We had paella and fantastic company.  I already miss him but I'm glad to have gotten to hang out with him for so long.

Group shot!

Mommas and their babies!

Sibling love!

And some family love!

Love those smiles!

Mason wanted to get really close to the camera.

Zora is so damn sweet!

Snuggles at Jakes!

The lighting here was not good, but I still think it's a cute pic.

Mr. Schalles right before he took a one-way trip to Alaska!

The boys

What a handsome bunch!

Then we started taking senior pics.

Jimmy's wallet size senior pic!

What a charmer!

This is going in the yearbook!

Over the shoulder!

Maybe not so much.

Loving the tendril in the face.

The rugged look.