Friday, September 30, 2011

Going to the Chapel

Dan and Tara got married this last weekend, and it was as much fun as it sounds.  The whole hooplah was so grand, and there was so much love and happiness going around that every place was fit to burst.  The pictures don't do it any justice, but here are pics from the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

Dan was playing dress-up.  Tara was on the phone preparing for the wedding.

There was a lot of booze.

Ready to party!

Dan and Tara got all the groomsmen mugs with their last names etched into them.  They were used immediately.


He's so handsome!

New best friends!

Beautiful people


Colin does not like Cheri.


More cousins!

Jochim and his mug

Not sure what they're talking about, but it's very serious.

Cheri and the boys she raised.

All laughs

Half of the bridesmaids.

The Tim Cavanagh's rocking the rehearsal dinner

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married!

Ready and waiting!

My man!

And she's married!


Everybody move to the back of the bus!

Love this lady

We went to the Holiday to take a shot.  36 people to be precise.

Three of my favorite guys.

Plaga and her new best friend

Matt and Kelley :)

All my sisters!

My other sister!

Stan and Lou Ann came down for the wedding.

These two newlyweds were all smiles.

Haha, Tara's gonna hate me for putting this one up!

Love my daddy!

Plaga came up with the beautiful idea to sing "All You Need is Love" to the newlyweds

They were really touched by it, and ended up singing along.

Group hug after the song

First Dance

So sweet!

Father Daughter Dance

Mother Son dance

Little Miss Avani partied with the big kids all night!

See ya at the next one!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Late Night After the Wedding

After Drea and Jimmy's Wedding, we headed over to Alex and Sarah's for some late night fun night.  Craziness ensued.

Corey and Dan moved the car seats to the back so they could drive the big kids over.

Fancy face in the bucket seat.

Mr. Whiskey sat bitch.

And our favorite pseudo-chilean.

For some reason Jim dropped his pants.

Hos changed as soon as she arrived home.

Front porch time!


Cute one of friends.

So cute!

Dan probably had a really important, deep thing to say.

Love these two!


Drunky face.

For some reason he wanted to hit me with a chair.

This smiling face came in from Colorado!

Alex was of course behind the bar.

There were just too many of Dan to just choose one.

These two were making hot shots for the crew.


I'm not quite sure why Dan's tongue is red.

Sarah forgot to take her flower out.

All smiles.

And of course, what's a night out without Tara backhanding Dan.