Saturday, September 17, 2011

Late Night After the Wedding

After Drea and Jimmy's Wedding, we headed over to Alex and Sarah's for some late night fun night.  Craziness ensued.

Corey and Dan moved the car seats to the back so they could drive the big kids over.

Fancy face in the bucket seat.

Mr. Whiskey sat bitch.

And our favorite pseudo-chilean.

For some reason Jim dropped his pants.

Hos changed as soon as she arrived home.

Front porch time!


Cute one of friends.

So cute!

Dan probably had a really important, deep thing to say.

Love these two!


Drunky face.

For some reason he wanted to hit me with a chair.

This smiling face came in from Colorado!

Alex was of course behind the bar.

There were just too many of Dan to just choose one.

These two were making hot shots for the crew.


I'm not quite sure why Dan's tongue is red.

Sarah forgot to take her flower out.

All smiles.

And of course, what's a night out without Tara backhanding Dan.

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