Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Drea and Jimmy's Wedding!

If you've been living under a rock, then you might not know that Jimmy and Drea just got married!  It was an absolutely wonderful day, and I've got some pictures to prove it.  

The lovely bride getting ready.


Beautiful threesome.

A couple of the beautiful bridesmaids.

Hot shot!

Pretty sure these were tears of happiness and humor.

Moments before Jimmy saw Drea for the first time.

His face shows all the love in the world.

Both are so happy!

Love hug!

Handsome groomsmen.

Hotshots pose.

She had some gorgeous flowers.

Loving the butterflies!

The little girl on the right kept hiding under her mom's dress.  We thought it was pretty funny.

Dan being...Dan.

I love this one!

Big pimpin'.

Beautiful couple!

They got Ollie the Trollie to drive them around.

Chuck had a watch on his belt buckle.  Awesome, right?!

Giggle queen!

Love it!

Another shot of these lovely ladies!

Some of the fancy wedding guests.


Here comes the bride!

Jimmy's all smiles!

No words needed.

Plaga in the background.  That girl was so happy for her bestie!

Mr. and Mrs. Boatright!

Hosford and little Miss Zora Jones!

I think this picture says it all.

Best Man and Maid of Honor

Colin made it in town for the wedding.

In honor of Jimmy, the boys got him a forty of bud ice and some munchies.  Rounds of pulls ensued.

The final crew at the wedding!  Thanks to Drea, Jimmy, and their wonderful families for making it such an unforgettable night!  Late night photos coming soon!!

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