Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oahu and Lost Tour

Sorry it's been so long.  School started back up and it's been busy getting used to the new schedule.  This summer, after Kauai Adam and I went to Oahu.  We were much more inclined to Kauai, but Oahu had it's perks.  Namely, a tour of some of the sets from "Lost."

Adam's nervous, I'm excited.

Pretty damn beautiful, if you ask me.

Is this one tree or ten?  Either way, it's huge and amazing!

Adam's eating the Hygenic Store.  This was on google maps as a place to stop.

Locals jumping off cliffs.  They're nuts.

Can you imagine this being your surroundings?  So breathtaking!

Any Lost fans out there?  You might recognize these buildings...

So cool!!  (I'm a nerd)

Stopped at a shrimp shack that was pretty tasty.

I thought these were cool.  Each one of those dots is a seed.

Veiny trees :)

Recognize this waterfall?

This is the same position Kate and Sawyer sat in to look at the Haliburton case.

The waterfall was a pretty popular swimming hole.

Supposedly the Banyan trees that Boone fell out of.

The church where Kate got married.

The Orchid!  It's still there!

It's pretty run down, but I think it was run down in the show, anyways.

The temple from the last season, with some added graffiti.

I'm so giddy!

The cages where Kate and Sawyer were kept.

You can still kind of see remnants of the Dharma symbol.

Oh no!  We're in a cage!

Inside the Orchid.

Dharma door!

Random beautiful greenery.

A view from the top of a hike.  

This was where Sawyer and Linus looked over at the other Island.  (Obviously the other island was CGI)

A sun dial made of rocks.

Adam and I went to this restaurant called Ah Long, but it is commonly known as "The Angry Korean Lady" restaurant.  You have to take your order back to her, there are rules on the table (above), and we saw her throw a fat wad of cash at a customer telling her to make her own change, because she was too busy.  People are scared of her, but the food is delicious!

Adam really enjoyed it, as you can tell from the full mouth and the thumbs up.

Spicy chicken on the right, Meat Jun in the middle (fried beef breaded in egg and amazing) and bee bim bop at the bottom. 

Every table got a plate of sides, but we were much more interested in the main dishes.

We went on a sunset dinner cruise on our last night, complete with whole lobster.  I had issues getting the meat out.

Beautiful way to finish off an amazing trip.

This one's a little brighter!  

The end!

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