Monday, September 5, 2011

Drea & Tara's Bachelorette Party

Since their weddings were so close together, and so are all their friends, Drea and Tara decided to have a joint Bachelorette party, the likes of which you will never see again.  Rainbow themed Wig Party on a Pink bus with strobe lights and poles.  Need I say more?

Dinner at McFoster's with rainbow umbrellas!  (They must have known about the theme)

Emily got them goodie bags from Dr. Johns.

I'm pretty sure neither of them could wait to get home and test their new treats!

It came complete with edible undies.

Why are Cheri and Nancy laughing so hard, you ask?

Because Tara got the biggest panties and bras known to man.

The entire party packed into the hotel elevator to head down to the bus.

This girl definitely had one of the best costumes, head to toe.

The beautiful maid of honor who planned this whole shindig!

Bride-to-be decked out in rainbows!!

Gansta-face!  (at least for Kim, mine's weak)

Dancing on the poles!

Cool kids to the back of the bus!


Rockstar bought blow jobs for the bachelorettes.

And Kelley pulled a Vanna White.

Look Ma!  No hands!!

Drea missed a bit, so she went back for sloppy seconds :)


Pretty shot

Funny shot!

I forgot my wallet, so my mom and aunt graciously drove it to me (thank heavens).  They partied it up!


And more sisters!

Isn't this the hottest group of partiers you've seen?!

Gotta love the pole dancing.

One of Tara's best friends suprised her by coming in from Texas for the bus!

Cheri and Linda surprised us by popping up at the next bar to rage again!

Cheri and the ugliest wig.  It made the rounds.

Hunchback of Notre DAMN that's some ugly back hair!

Tony's a Cavanagh now!!

Lindsay definitely made it look the best.

This pretty blue thing showed up to party!

Cheri got a bindi!

And the groom biked his way down to see his lovely bride.

And us too, of course :)

Tara got on the pole and all you could see was yellow and white!!

Dance party in the back!

Aw hell yeah!

Lovely ladies :)

And the wigged out ones!


Kelley snatched up another tutu and danced her booty off at House of Loom!

Pretty ladies to the front please!!

I feel like both facial expressions sum up the night very well.

The last ladies standing in the morning!  Our exit from the hotel was EPIC!  Literally, Female Hangover Epic.  Trust.

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