Tuesday, December 24, 2013

North Omaha Pottery Tour (with wine)

End of year catch-up time.  In October I believe, I went on a pottery/wine tour with two of my favorite ladies, and some other awesome chicks.  It was so much fun!  Second year in a row that Corey and I went, and it's never failed to make for a fantastic Sunday!

The first place is about 45 minutes outside of Omaha, and it's always at that perfect time in fall when the leaves are changing and Nebraska country looks beautiful.

It was a pretty cold, but we bundled up and kept ourselves warm with a flask of good old fashioned whiskey!

These two were a blast.  We pretty much just laughed our asses off most of the time!

One of the last stops on the tour is at a house north of Omaha.  Literally dream house - wonderful old house on a couple acres with tree cover everywhere!!

Can't you just imagine cozying up in this living room, or drinking your morning coffee on this porch?!

We finished up at the Mill in Florence District.  It's owned by the most wonderful lady, and the artwork upstairs is always worth the trip!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

We Caught a Fish

As you can probably tell from the pictures, these were taken over the summer.  Playing catch-up is obviously not my forte.  In September, Adam and I went camping with a couple couples and the cutest dang baby!

We only went for one night, which was super fun, but it's always nice to get in two nights.  It's so relaxing to be in a spot with no cellphone service and thousands of stars.  Kind of like a reboot for your mind. 

We spent about 45 minutes at a gas station trying to get fishing licenses, so even though it was a pretty small lake, we decided we had to spend at least that much time fishing.  Matt caught the only "fish," which can kind of be seen below.  Fishing was definitely a bust, but it was still fun.

Olive is pretty much the cutest, most emotive one year old I know.  She also has the most serious death glare I've seen.  Don't get on her bad side.

Camping always brings me back to my childhood.  Instead of family reunions, my family always went camping for a week in Colorado.  I remember playing baseball with all my cousins in the dusty roads and fishing with my Snoopy fishing pole (or at least trying to fish, and only succeeding in throwing my pole in the water instead of casting).  I really think my cousins and I are closer than most, and all our camp trips are the reasons why.

What camp trip would be complete without red beers? (adding tomato juice! If you haven't tried it, do.  It's delicious.)

The best way to start a fire?  Just blast it with lighter fluid.  As you can tell, this is two seconds before explosion time.

Once the good whiskey got busted out, Olive got sleepy.  I'm pretty sure her dad was feeding it to her in hopes she would crash. (Just kidding Nate!!)

It was a wonderful trip, and I can't wait to make it back out.  This summer was a little too hectic to travel around on the weekends, but hopefully now that life has calmed down, we'll be able to fit in at least a few camp trips a season!