Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drea and Jimmy's Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday night was the eve of these to beautiful souls' wedding, which of course meant a great dinner and some boozing!  

What an amazing couple!

Emmers came into town to take part in the celebration.

The beautiful Blaine ladies!

Jimmy's niece, Molly.  Isn't she so dang cute?!

And her pops, the best man!

The two wonderful people are having a baby of their own!



And another great couple!

This is when I stopped taking couple shots.  People were uncooperative.

Wedding Party + Chuck D!

I guess everyone decided it would be funny to fall over.

Their person (pastor? minister?) was really great and relaxed.  Perfect for them.

It looks like he's blessing their hands!

Grandpa Stan!  This little girl was cracking me up!

Adam had a thing for butterflies.

Pretty ladies!


Wedding Pyramid!

Gotta love these besties.

And this is what My Mom's Moonshine does to your face.

After the dinner, we went back to Dan and Tara's for a drink before heading up to Barley St. Tavern.  Chuck's pretending like he cares what type of whiskey he drinks.

Ran into these two kids outside Barley St.

The faces say it all.

Thanks, Peaches.

Nate's got midget middle fingers.

"Look longingly off into the distance!"

"Say what?"


Dan and Chuck got the munchies, so they went up to Jakes.

The bar has a house cat.  She was just chillin outside.

Group shot!

Prolly a better idea to let the bartender do it.

Photos from the wedding are on their way!  But until then, enjoy!

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