Sunday, February 10, 2013

Surprise Night Out

Don't you just love surprise nights out?  Corey and I had a girl's night on Friday, and it was just supposed to be a wine tasting and dinner, but it turned into so much more!

We started out at Wine Styles for their weekly wine tasting, and enjoyed a variety of reds and whites.  If you've never been there, you should definitely go.  Bob is so friendly and he will help you select the perfect wine for you, and gifts for any wine lover out there. 

Thanks Bob!

After dinner, we went up to Benson for a quick drink at Burke's.  Corey got this look on her face, and said, "I know that hair!"

Ran into these two Kimmy, and proceeded to hop around Benson for the evening!

We played some pinball up at Beercade before heading up the Sydney.

I made Dan's friend Colin call him to lure him out :)

Then Jimmy and I had a photo shoot with the PBR light

Kim didn't want me taking her picture, but it turned out cool :)

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