Saturday, February 16, 2013

My New Desk

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

The Desk that Adam Built!

In my winter issue of Living Magazine (I don't know why, but I love Martha), I found a how-to for this wonderful desk:

(photo from Martha Stewart)

As luck would have it, I was moving into Adam's house (now our house) over winter break, and I needed a new desk!  So I diligently waited until they put the instructions online, and immediately put Adam to work.  Or Adam immediately put himself to work, because he likes making things :)

It took a lot of work and time because of the repeated sandings and stainings (did you know you have to wait 24 hours for each coat?), but it turned out fantastic.  It so satisfying to work at a desk that was made for you.  It looks very simple, and it was made with plumbing piping and plywood.  I love it.

My brother and sister-in-law got me this comic book for Christmas :)  Happy building!

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