Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fish Fry Friday!

Have you guys ever been to a fish fry?  I've learned that this is a midwestern thing.  Churches have fish fries during Lent, and you bundle up, grab some buddies and a cooler, and stand in line for long periods of time drinking beer in order to eat some fried goodness.  We recently went to the Holy Name Fish Fry, which is probably one of the best in town, and the most crowded, but it's so much fun!  (As you can see, Ron's excited)

This might be enough beer for one man's wait...

It gets pretty cold.  Dan and Tara looked a little homeless!

Holy Name has a thrift shop in the basement that stays open during the Fish Fry.  We found a couple gems!

The lines are really long, but once you get into the building, it's so nice to warm up for a bit!

Dan and I ran into one of our old teachers volunteering there! (as you can see, the crowd is huge)

After the Fish Fry, we went back to Alex's for some drinks at the bar, which was reserved for us :)

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