Saturday, April 19, 2014

Flashback Friday: November BFF

Adam has been poking fun of me recently, since I have started posting pictures from recently, when I still have pictures to share from last year!  So in order to keep up with what I've got and still share everything I want, I have decided to start Flashback Friday!  I'll play catch-up this way, and then start sharing older pictures that I haven't pulled out of iPhoto in a while :)


So these photos are from (I believe) November Benson First Friday.  It was the Friday after Halloween, so everyone was still getting dressed up and having fun.  Adam and I decided to head up to the Benson Brewery for dinner, and we were there for the tapping of the keg!!  It was pretty cool.

IMG_7589-3  IMG_7593-3

After dinner we met up with some friends and headed to the Satchel Grande show at the Waiting Room.  If you haven't heard of Satchel Grande, you're missing out.  They are a seventies funk band that gets everyone dancing.  They never disappoint!

IMG_7617-3  IMG_7628-3

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