Saturday, August 25, 2012


When I arrived in Switzerland to visit my friend Tamara, her sister came to collect me at the subway station and took me around the town of Lausanne.  It was beautiful, and so much like what I expected Switzerland to look like.  We then went to Montreux, where Tamara was working and I walked alongside Lake Geneva for a few hours.  It was so peaceful and there were mountains everywhere.  If it weren't so expensive, I might consider leaving there!

The castle I walked to (it was closed when I arrived)

I made it!

There was a beautiful path along Lake Geneva through the whole town.

I took a boat ride from Lausanne to Geneva (and got terribly sunburn).  I decided to just walk around the city and take it in.  I turned a corner, and this was what I saw!

I went to an archeological site underneath the church in the center of Geneva.  Turns out, the church was a progression over the last 800 years, and the original structure was a burial site for an Aborgian chief, whose bones are still there.  So basically, these bones are the center of Geneva.  Pretty cool, huh?!

The university park and huge games of chess.

And these guys were just randomly placed by the train station.

All over Switzerland, and France too, were these pianos.  They say, "Play, I am yours."  Very cool.

I spent another day in Gruyères, sampling cheese and taking in the sites.

Not a crisp picture, but I went to a Tibetan Museum that was in an old church.  It was a wonderfully juxtaposed space.


A view from the top

This was my view from lunch

This was my view of lunch

And this was the restaurant where I ate lunch.  Cute, huh?

Of course, there were cowbells going off everywhere.  Such a quaint little town.

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