Sunday, January 29, 2012


Halloween at the Crescent Moon for PDP was, of course, a blast.  The costumes were fantastic!  We went to Kamaal's for drinks beforehand, and duel costumes seemed to be the trend.

Me and Adam and Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnez! (he had a drum too!)

Kamaal and Liz as Dexter and a victim.

Mandy and Josh as Criss-Cross

Emily and Cara and the Ambiguously Gay Duo

The costumes at the Moon were just as great.  The penis mobile got kissed.  A lot.

I could not get over this outfit.

Or Dominique in this one.


Nick and Hannah were awesome in their Toy Story costumes

Pretty sure Amanda was Dog the Bounty Hunters wife.

I forget what exactly he was, but an old time boxer maybe?


Peter Parkers and Super-Woman

Switching gear

Brady was a Gladiator!

They ran into Buzz!

And these goons :)

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