Sunday, January 29, 2012

Widespread Panic

LA, Drea's wonderful momma, was so sweet and gave me her ticket to go see Widespread Panic with Jimmy and Drea at the Orpheum!  Such a fantastic time, pics can't even do it justice.

Pre-Show excitement!!

I found a chip that looked like a heart!

Ticket, ticket, who's got my ticket!

Tickets all around!

Hecks yeah marquis!


What a great crowd!

Rock it!

This old couple was sitting in front of us.  Pretty sure they had no idea what they got tickets for.  I forgot to check if they were still there after intermission!

Made my way down to the front to get down.

Then these two found us!

After the show I ran into these beautiful ladies!

And this hot momma!!

And a couple more crazy kids!  Fantastic times all around!

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