Monday, February 27, 2012

Jim's Going Away Party

Jim is leaving the Great Plains to go enjoy the West Coast and learn a bunch of really awesome stuff.  So we sent him off in the best way, a theme party with an all-star band.  

Adam and I hung out with Boo for a bit before the party got started.  He was happy to see us!

Tara of course made Tara-Bombs, which were bomb-tastic!

Jim before his metamorphosis

Bad Country rocked the house

Tara and Dan pre-metamorphosis (Tara's egg was cracking!)

And they hatched!

These birds were flying all night!

Jim post-metamorphosis!  He was a platypus, but we could not figure out the original purpose of his "beak."

Hey hey hey!  Wanna Tara-Bomb?

Rockin' the harmonica

I asked Will to open his eyes up...

...this was the best he could do!

Tony turned into Hulk Hogan!

I'm not quite sure what Jenna was.

Oldest bananas known to man.

Very serious.

I know it's blurry, but I love Robbie's face!

Me and the Plat!


Enjoying the music

Jamal's costume was great!  He was soil, and had his hair in a bun.  At midnight, he took the bun out and was a flower!


The wig got passed around

Chuck rockin' it out

And Robbie too!


Jim got into the jams

And Zack busted out too!!

I love this one of Cameron!


Love this lady!

Charlie was dressed as the Black Swan and we had a photo shoot with the Guy Fawkes mask.

Love this one!

Photo shoot with the mustache mirror!

Adam and his French face

Dan looks like Harvey Birdman with a mustache!

We'll miss you Jim!  Have a blast!!

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