Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NYC Part One

Right after finishing school, I hightailed it to NYC to visit one of my best of friends, who happens to also be named Sarah.  We had a wonderful few days in the city, then we went back to Long Island to hang with some of her grad school classmates and pack her car up for the halfway cross-country trip back home.

Our first night out we went on a girl date with her wonderful friend Jay, who took us to this wine and cheese restaurant called Caselulla, where every cheese is paired with its own topping, such as truffle mushrooms or sun-dried tomatoes.  It was so delicious and fun!

After dinner (a delicious gourmet grilled cheese), we headed to another wine bar to cap off the night!

The next night, we met a few of my favorite Omaha people at The Malt House for some tasty microbrews and good laughs.  I'm pretty sure we stole someone' reserved table...

Ellie and Andy, a fantastic couple :)

We then headed over to Artichoke Pizza for, you guessed it, artichoke pizza.  Andy wanted to take a taxi a few miles away for dinner to get this pizza, but we wanted to stick around.  So we asked the doorman what he would recommend in the area, and he said we had to have Artichoke!  Turned out there was one a block away!

We had a fancy dance party in the small restaurant with a random stranger to some classic rock while eating pizza that tasted like artichoke dip.  Then we headed off for another beer :)

The next day, the four of us went to what is commonly known in NYC as "boozy brunch."  For a set price, you get breakfast and one hour to drink as many mimosas, bloody marys and margaritas as you want/can handle.  I was a little too busy during brunch to take any pictures, but I'm sure you can imagine the scene :)

Sarah and I went and picked out bridesmaid dress fabrics in the garment district (so much fun!) then met back up with our friends to watch the final UEFA soccer game!

I promise I did more than just drink my way through New York!  I just thought I'd get all our liquid adventures out first!  Photos from the touristy things are coming soon :)

We had such a fun time with these three, and I was so thankful to have some people to show me around the fun places in the city.  I definitely can't wait to go back someday!

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