Sunday, June 9, 2013

3L Week: Bar Crawl

Finishing up law school, just like the end of anything is life, is so bittersweet.  I'm not going to miss the cramming and stress of finals and papers, but I am going to miss a lot of the people we've met.  Adam and I met during the first few weeks of law school, so our relationship together has grown with our relationships with our school friends.  They have become such a great part in our life, and it's sad to know that we won't be seeing them everyday anymore!

As a part of graduation week, the third year class had a couple of events, including a bar crawl.  One of the stops was the house of three guys for some keg beer and outdoor fun.  As you can tell from above, it was a fun time!

When I started law school, I didn't think I would be finishing it watching friends do keg stands!

The weather was perfect and the sunset was beautiful (can't quite tell here), but this guy was complaining because he was stuck with three girls for his walk...who complains about that?!

Some of my favorite people I've met along my journey!

And on to the next adventure!!

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