Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Craft Drinks and Hippies

Dan and I got to hang out with our wonderful friend Alli a few weeks ago when she came to town. We spent the evening drinking crafty drinks at House of Loom.

IMG_3609 IMG_3607

After some libations, we headed to the Slowdown for Shpongle. It was an 18 and over show, which just reminded me what the youth these days are like and made me feel old. But it was a great show and wonderful night, so no complaints here.


I love when great friends come home to visit, especially when they do it on the fly and it's just a surprise. You walk into a friend's house or a bar, and all of a sudden this familiar face pops up in front of you for a hug. So many friends have moved to great cities all over the world, but they can come home and pick up exactly where they left off. They can just show up, everyone freaks out, and then we have a blast. I guess what I'm saying is my friends are awesome and I love you all. Take more random trips to Omaha so we can freak out over you and I can post pictures of it. Thanks.

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