Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Art Opening

I recently became a member of my local art museum, the Joslyn Art Museum.  As one of the perks, I was able to attend one of their recent exhibits early.  It's a showing of a number of fantastic pieces from French artists showcasing Paris, which I of course loved!  It was so wonderful.  I always feel so awed whenever I stand in front of a great painting, knowing that Chagall or Renoir had stood where I am in relation to it.  Is that strange?

My dates for the evening were my two of my favorite Sarahs, making it a triple threat.

In the main area, there was a crazy multimedia piece, made up of flowers and stems that continuously grow and move.  It obviously captivated quite a few people!

Love these ladies :)

Do you have any great museums in your area?

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