Monday, July 18, 2011

Memorial Park Concert

My neighborhood puts on a free show every summer right around 4th of July, with a classic rock band and great fireworks.  The show is about two blocks away from my house in Memorial Park, and we always walk up for the festitivities.  This year they had 38 Special and Cheap Trick.  We missed 38 Special, but had fun dancing to Cheap Trick!

Sarah rocking flags in her hair.

We posted up in a fantastic spot, for both people watching and show watching.

This guy rocked a three neck guitar.  It was impressive.

Big fan of both of these guys!

Holiday loving!  These two were rocking out the whole night!

I think these two have something to do with seduction faces.  Alex is going to kill me for putting this up.

Cecily's seductive face!

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